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Pastor Chris Organizes a 2017 Higher Life Conference in UK

Pastor Chris Organizes a 2017 Higher Life Conference in UK

From 8th-10th September all roads should be heading to the O2 Arena in London for an impactful conference by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris is a renowned faith healer tracing his roots from Nigeria. His ministry has expanded to the level of operating in Canada, US, UK, Nigeria and several other countries. Chris Oyakhilome is also recognized for his writing talent through which he impacts millions of believers across the world. The September event is scheduled to address issues of Christians perceiving that they have a greater calling and a higher life, and at the same time share the good news. The sessions are well-organized with each charging reasonably, reason enough why you should attend.

What Believers Should Expect From the Great Event

The conference will operate more like a church service. You should expect to hear from the Lord through sermons and gospel songs. Opening prayers will be conducted after which people will be ushered into a moment of praise and worship. Plans are made such that globally-recognized artists will crown the event and perform every day. For every true believer, there will be a beautiful moment of impartation of the Holy Spirit. Miracles and healing wonders cannot be left out in such a gathering. The afternoon session will only be one for three days, with each costing £1.50. On Friday 8th August the service will commence at exactly 6 PM and 4 PM on Saturday. Those to attend the Sunday service ought to be at the venue before 1 PM because that is when the service will start.

Explore More of the Planned Activities

Pastor Oyakhilome has been in Bible-ministry long enough. When he gathers people for an encounter with the Holy Spirit, he leaves the congregation in amazement. His charisma attracts many people to his ever-growing ministry. During the particular 2017 conference, Oyakhilome will tag along other highly esteemed pastors from Christ Embassy. They will engage themselves in life-transforming teachings like meditation, speaking in tongues, walking in love, the person of Christ and what he means to us, interpreting scriptures, among other impacting lessons. Every sitting culminates with hallelujahs from in-filled brethren as they usher the Holy Spirit into the awesome environment. The time-proven minister of the word is acknowledged by many as one who is inspired by God and anointed to influence the world with the message of hope, happiness and the Holy Spirit.

Understand a Bit of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Most people know pastor Chris for his worldwide ministry, ‘ LoveWorld Incorporated, which is also known as Christ Embassy. Over the years, Chris has proved to be among the most prominent preachers Africa ever had. His conspicuous presence in public service also exposes his charismatic personality quite a lot. In his daily initiatives and public ministry, Chris has healed disabled people, proclaimed sight to the blind, cured infertility, mental conditions, blood diseases, and many other ailments. Chris performs all these miracles in the name of Jesus, hence attracting millions of individual members all … Read More

Lessons Learned About Wellness

Lessons Learned About Wellness

How to Leave a Good Example to our Children

We should always remember that we, as parents, should be good role models to our children. We are not only responsible to give them a healthy life, but we are also responsible to make sure they grow up knowing the right things to do. Since they look up to us, our children will follow what they see us to. If we are irresponsible in our actions, we could expect them to be the same. If we are good role models as parents, then we can almost be sure that our children will grow up to be decent adults. Children start their learning at home, and if we want to make changes in this world, it has to start at home, through our example before our children. If you want to teach your children how to be compassionate, caring, and earth loving people, here are some things that you can do.

Offsetting your carbon footprint is one of the things that you can do. Carbon emissions come from driving a car, travelling often, or if you have a business that have a load of this, what you can do is to calculate your footprint and offset it. A minimal output can be offset by planting trees in your garden or in the community forest. You can visit websites that advice on ways to offset your carbon footprint, if you have a high output. There are websites which will make you donate for a tree planting project. Getting involved in charity is another way of offsetting it. There are a lot of other options.

Buying local products from ethical companies is another thing you can do. This way, your money is supporting the right people, and not those who simply damage the world and not pay their taxes. Supporting local industries can also support and change the environment. The If Gufo children’s clothing is one good example of a product that only makes use of natural fibers. This is a purely ethical company.

If you are going to a place that is just near, why don’t you just walk, instead of using your car? Money savings, good health, and reduction of carbon emissions are the benefits of walking. Don’t let your children be lazy, encourage them to walk as much as possible. When they are encouraged to walk, then will soon stop relying on the car to go places nearby. If you want an alternative to driving and not walk, then use public transport.

Donating blood is something that you can do to impact someone else’s life. You can save someone’s life with this act.

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Learning The “Secrets” of Health

Learning The “Secrets” of Health

How to Become an Asset by Depicting Your Purpose in This World

At some point or another, we think about the reason of our existence, and we try to find our purpose in life by choosing our career path and being helpful to the community we live in. We read, watch and hear bad news every day and we feel that the world is more unsafe and scarier. Poverty, crime, religious war, unemployment, domestic violence, and pessimism are increasing in different parts of the world, and these things threaten our existence, our future, and our children’s future. It is easy to underestimate ourselves, thinking that we cannot do anything and we just accept the reality that these are all part of the world we live in. As parents of the next generation, it is our responsibility to act as early as now and do the right thing, being a good role model to others and teaching our children to be good citizens.

Change should start in our homes before we can reach outside and fulfill our obligation, so we can make this world a happier and safer place to live in. It is not easy to change our shopping habits, but you must realize that you can be of help if you purchase goods from ethical and reputable companies, and availing of your own local products. You are helping your local community by purchasing your goods from local suppliers instead of big businesses, and you are also reducing your carbon footprint because they don’t undergo the process of being shipped around the world, going through multiple transport channels. It is a good idea using organic, eco-friendly or natural products, and even clothing materials are made natural now instead of synthetic fabric such as Il Gufo clothing for children. Do your bit for a better world by becoming a volunteer of a charity event, a health mission or a disaster relief. You don’t have to spend too much time especially if you’re busy, just find time and make the most out of it.

You can offset or reduce your carbon emissions by finding other means to enjoy spending your time with your family. Whether you’re a private individual or an entrepreneur with small, medium or large business, you can check and calculate your carbon emissions by visiting websites such as or These websites are good sources of some ways you can do to offset your carbon emissions such as tree planting or giving your contribution towards sustainability projects. Donating your blood is really a rewarding experience of giving back to the community and the world. It is a direct means to help extend the life of another person who has been injured in an accident or who is needing surgery.

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The Essentials of Traveling – 101

The Essentials of Traveling – 101

How to Travel With Kids?

A lot of families are always excited for when summer arrives and two months of no class comes up. When summer arrives that means that summer vacation is also right there in the corner, that has been a regular thing for a lot of families. When you have kids, traveling becomes a challenge because you will have to look out for them and you might not have enough time to relax. You need to become an organized parent but be sure not to be too strict because it will remove the fun from the summer vacation, you have to be patient. Here is a guide that will help you have fun with your vacation and stop thinking about just surviving.

Never let your kids pack their own things, you have to deal with that situation just to make sure everything is there.

It is important to teach your kids the do’s and don’ts including that they are not allowed to pack their own bags right now. If you let them pack their own things, you will expect to see their bags bulking up, filled with rubbish and things that they do not need for the vacation. Layer after layer of sticker books, toys and all of the unessential things for summer vacation. You should allow them to have some input on the things that they would want to take with them but you have to make sure that it is not too much. But it is always good to check their bags before leaving the home or walking out the door. It would be better that the luggage of your kids can be hand carried

It is important that you plan ahead, book ahead of time so that you can get a price off.

It will not matter if you are on a vacation for camping or staying some hotel, planning is important. Booking everything in advance is important so make sure that you plan ahead so that everything will be fine. It was easy booking places to stay on a whim before, maybe during your early twenties it was great but do that today and you will notice that it is terrible. Being spontaneous is not a good thing when you are looking for a good place to stay in this time. You will have to hit the road again and look for another place that won’t disappoint you and do not forget, you have kids with you and that could be a really annoying time.

You will have to follow this guide if you plan to travel with your family.

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If You Think You Understand Clothing, Then Read This

If You Think You Understand Clothing, Then Read This

Benefits of a Raincoat and What to Consider When Purchasing.

Wet seasons are inevitable. Regular and daily chores must be carried out whether it is cold or not. In many wet seasons, people mostly use umbrellas as they enable them to remain dry during the wet periods. Whereas umbrellas are common and accessible, it is much better to have a raincoat in some situations. Raincoats are usually made in different sizes, come in various colors, and designs. Based on someone’s preferences, one can hence choose one that suits him best.

The following are the advantages of a raincoat. Children who cannot handle an umbrella can be best suited by a raincoat. Children using raincoats stay dry throughout the wet season.

The raincoats are also convenient to people who need to walk in the rain when they are using their hands to carry some other items. In case someone is carrying bags using their hands, a raincoat may be more convenient than an umbrella. For bike riders, trench coats could be of greater importance than umbrellas.
5 Uses For Clothing

Many raincoats are light in weight and also have pouches that one could make user collapse and pack the raincoat for better carrying and storage. When some of the raincoats are packed, they shrink in size and thus someone can easily carry them in their pockets or handbags comfortably. The case is not the same however when it comes to umbrellas especially the big ones.
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Raincoats may also be designed in such a way to keep someone warm, as well as dry. This feature, however, is uncommon to umbrellas. One chooses a raincoat that he or she feels that will serve their needs during both the cold and rainy season.

The following constitutes of factors to consider when selecting a raincoat Raincoats comes with many options and one requires researching well to come up with the best. The raincoat’s style is one of the major considerations that one should make. Some of the available options are active wear, trench coats, ponchos, and anoraks. Each of these raincoats has its features. One should make a proper decision when considering to get one.

One should also consider the waterproof and breathability qualities of a raincoat. One should also be keen on the waterproof and breathability qualities of the raincoat. The fabrics used in making raincoats are the determinants of these conditions and one should consider them when thinking of a choice. Raincoats with laminated fabrics are more breathable and have a longer life than those with coated fabrics.

The raincoat’s comfort should be considered when one is buying a raincoat. Features determining the raincoat’s comfort are two-way zipper, mesh ventilation, lining under armpits, back or inside pockets and tailoring measurements. When choosing a raincoat manufacturer, one should choose the one with a big range of choices.… Read More