Building Up Your Merchandise Sales

Building Up Your Merchandise Sales

If you’re hosting a large event or have an important intellectual property people are interested in, chances are you’ve thought about offering merchandise before. An important thing to consider before creating merchandise is what exactly you’re going to make. Look over all of these different types of products and consult any Merchandising Company to find out how high quality you can get the products in.

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Shirts are usually the most common form of merchandise. Many people like to purchase shirts since they are a necessity for everyday life, and then can be shown as a message that you like whatever is being displayed on the shirt to the general public. If you’re advertising for a future event, sometimes it might be advantageous to give away free shirts. Tying these to a specific behavior like signing up for your newsletter or giving you mailing information gives you the benefit that you can get them tied into possibly attending your event plus if they wear the shirt, they are advertising it for everyone around them. Ensure you have your shirt strategy down first before moving on to different types of merchandise.


Cups are another popular form of merchandise. While you won’t see these as a possible form of advertising everywhere, it’s a form of something people use in the house that they usually won’t say they have enough of. When building a cup for people to purchase, you can choose between different types. For cups to be used just at home, you could consider a glass cup that has the logo engraved on the side, creating a more luxurious looking cup, or a mug that people could use for hot drinks. If you’re interested in a cup for people to take with them, consider making a custom thermos that keeps their coffee hot. Knowing your audience is important so don’t choose to make a cup for hot drinks when you’re selling it during the summertime and vice-versa. Having the right home and travel solution like cups is important to expand your merchandise selection.


Hats are another form of merchandise considered to be clothing. By adding this along with shirts, you can give the option for customers to purchase 2 different items that will increase profits for you. Finding the right design for your hats is important since these will be always showing outward to the world compared to shirts, which can be hidden by a hoodie or jacket. Today, minimalistic designs have become more sought after so consider making a hat that only has your logo for example. Choosing the right color is also important to pick something that at least pertains to your event without seeming too flashy. Having hats at your event with shirts should fit your minimum criteria for clothing merchandise at least.


Today, many companies offer merchandise in many different forms. While big companies likely have products of all different kinds, getting a start with these important types of merchandise is important so you can expand in the future. Make sure to listen to your customer and add different designs if they are interested in buying more. By following through with this advice, you’re on a good head start towards

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