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Top 8 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Top 8 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Nothing is a more splendid font of love and romance than the matrimonial unity of marriage. With romance and passion, the couple in love unites in marriage. Such is the love that your parents have for each other.

8 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Soft, moist, and spongiliciously delectable, a cake is one of the most perfect desserts to treat your parents on the special day of anniversary. Here are 8 special cakes to celebrate the joy of your parent’s anniversary –

  1. Butterscotch cake – With the yellow color of the butterscotch cream exuding out of the exterior, and some delightful bits of succulent red cherry on top, the cheer-filled butterscotch cake is always special.
  2. Red velvet cake – The thick and rich essence of buttermilk oozes out of every layer of this cake. What finer way to manifest the color red on a cake than by a marvelous red colored cake filled with buttermilk in the form of the red velvet cake?
  3. Black forest cake – The infusion of vanilla and chocolate is always delightful. What can be a more delightful combination of the two than a black forest cake garnished with some succulent and relishing red cherry bits on the top?
  4. Coffee cake – Who can resist gorging upon the sweet tasting froth of coffee cream in this cake, as it oozes out from it? Savoring the rich cream-filled aroma of coffee essence this cake is one of the finest culinary pleasures to partake in.
  5. Alphabet cake – Shaped like a letter of the English alphabet, and with dual layers of strawberry and vanilla cream on top of one another, the alphabet cake is a creamilicious delectable for all to savor on this special day.
  6. Pineapple cake – With the most succulent essence of fresh pineapple in the sponginess of a cake, the pineapple cake is one of the finest desserts to cherish and savor on anniversary.
  7. Rainbow cake – With the sprinkle of multi-colored gem flavored bits embedded inside the cake, a rainbow designed cake is one of the finest cakes to see and taste, a true culinary masterpiece to savor on anniversary.
  8. Fruit cake – With multitudes of fresh fruits in this cake, ranging from mango to peach, a cake comprising of all the great cream-filled ingredients of a cake and layered with some of the finest fruits is always special.

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The cake delivery system is as robust, as it is efficient. With just a few clicks, anyone can place an order for a cake at any time and receive it through the online cake delivery service. All regions in India, are covered. Whether it is North end Kashmir, or Western end Rajasthan or Meghalaya in the East or Tamil Nadu in the South, cake can be delivered to any place of his or her choice.  From wedding anniversary cakes to birthday cakes, cakes of every flavor and for any occasion are available.   All the buyer has to do … Read More

Exploring the Ugly Side of Christmas Trends

Exploring the Ugly Side of Christmas Trends

People have long debated why Christmas is the most popular holiday in the United States. Is it the festive lights? The origin story of Christmas? The gift giving? While there are no definitive answers as to why Christmas reigns supreme in the realm of holidays, there are a few clues scattered about.

The origin story of Christmas is one that brings together the entire history of mankind’s battle against original sin in one epic tale that is strongly supported by historical accounts. It’s not just a myth. The people in this story actually existed and according to the faith of many tells the story of one man being born to save all of humanity. He was a king of humble origins, like many of the people who celebrate Christmas. Adults appreciate this origin story and many have faith that the story is true.

Is it the gifts? Few people would turn down a Christmas tree fully stocked with everything they’ve wanted over the course of the year. It’s a getting something for just being alive story that resonates with kids around the world, too. The gift giving trends of Christmas consume many people for several months before the big day. In this way, it’s a child’s holiday. There are plenty of Christmas cartoons to keep the kids occupied and parents make out lists daily to make sure that the kids get their favorite presents. The Santa story is the children’s part of the story, too, an easy to follow myth of a man who travels the world once a year to make dreams come true.

Businesses benefit from Christmas more than any individual or entity. Businesses don’t just make money at Christmas but they liberally decorate and give everyone a spirit of productivity and good will toward their fellow man, making Christmas one part adult, one part child, and one part business.

And then there are the lesser known trends of the season, the fun little afterthoughts like Ugly Christmas attire. What person doesn’t love to have a wardrobe full of ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to work every day during the holiday season? Some of them just have really horrific patterns that are sure to speak loudly of poor taste in clothing but still give everyone a good laugh in the office. Other sweaters have funny Christmas sayings on them that go over horrible patterns and bring immediate attention to those funny sayings.

All of these things make Christmas the most popular holiday in the United States. Some of it’s very serious – such as a child being born to save all of humanity – and some of it’s just plain childish good fun. And that’s what everyone loves about Christmas. One time a year, everyone gets to be a kid. There are the real kids who are making Christmas memories they’ll remember forever and then there are the kids at heart who show up to work in those festive Christmas sweaters and make everyone’s day just a little … Read More

Let your loved ones enjoy a fantastic food feasts by sending gifts to Pakistan

Let your loved ones enjoy a fantastic food feasts by sending gifts to Pakistan

Many people crave for some delicious items on different occasions. Especially during the occasion is the birthday or anniversary celebration. And the food craving gets double when you come to know that the item is coming up from some foreign country. Because Pakistani people love to eat various chocolates, sweets, and cookies. That’s why if you are living in UK or US, then sending food gifts to Pakistan to give a feast to your loved one is an amazing way to make their day and to make them feel special and blessed.

Here are some food gift ideas to choose for your dear ones living in Pakistan

Choose cookies & brownies when you are looking to send gifts to Pakistan

If your loved ones are residing in Pakistan, and they love sweets and such kind of edibles, then I think sending cookies and brownies is the best thing that can make their day. There are plenty of services available that can help you out in choosing a perfect item to send gifts to Pakistan for dear ones. But choosing reliable and affordable services should be your first priority as they can help you send more valuable items in efficient way possible.

Pick chocolate lovers basket when you send gifts to Pakistan

Chocolate lover’s basket is getting popular day by day. It’s a chocolate feasts actually which involves some good kinds of creamy chocolates which are the most favorite items of all Pakistani people. That’s why when you are looking some online gift services then you should prefer ordering reliable services that help you send chocolates to Pakistan along with some personalized note that express your deep lovely feelings.

Dried fruit and nut rose gift tray; a perfect combo

This is another excellent gift item to send to your loved ones. When you will ask your services to pack a dried fruit and nut rose gift tray then they will include some sweet, tasty and unique gift items that will make the day of your loved ones. And the gift item is also equally liked by all youngsters, elders, and kids.

Cheesecake bites; unique and healthy item

If you are talking about the food feasts, then cheesecake bites should also be included in your list. Because this is the most delicious thing to choose while you are looking for some yummy edibles to send. These cheesecake bites will add different flavors and ingredients that are equally healthy for everyone. That is a sweet treat for everyone which will be remembered for a long time.

Bottom line:

There are still lots of food feasts to consider, in which fruits, strawberries, walnuts, cakes and different other items are added. So the best way is to talk to your service provider about what is trendy these days in Pakistan and what is the most preferred choice of people. This might clear your mind and give you a perfect idea to make your decision quickly. For more detail click hereRead More

F1 Pro

F1 Pro

Traders have taken note of F1 pro on the market. It is a new site that plays host to a valuable trading platform. New members will want to talk to others to get their take on F1Pro. Visit to learn more about their unique tools. The team at is proud of its assets for trading. They went through great pains to showcase some of these development. Trust the development team and the work that they showcase online as well. That has encouraged new members to try new strategies. People simply want to make money in a popular new format.

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Pastor Chris Organizes a 2017 Higher Life Conference in UK

Pastor Chris Organizes a 2017 Higher Life Conference in UK

From 8th-10th September all roads should be heading to the O2 Arena in London for an impactful conference by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris is a renowned faith healer tracing his roots from Nigeria. His ministry has expanded to the level of operating in Canada, US, UK, Nigeria and several other countries. Chris Oyakhilome is also recognized for his writing talent through which he impacts millions of believers across the world. The September event is scheduled to address issues of Christians perceiving that they have a greater calling and a higher life, and at the same time share the good news. The sessions are well-organized with each charging reasonably, reason enough why you should attend.

What Believers Should Expect From the Great Event

The conference will operate more like a church service. You should expect to hear from the Lord through sermons and gospel songs. Opening prayers will be conducted after which people will be ushered into a moment of praise and worship. Plans are made such that globally-recognized artists will crown the event and perform every day. For every true believer, there will be a beautiful moment of impartation of the Holy Spirit. Miracles and healing wonders cannot be left out in such a gathering. The afternoon session will only be one for three days, with each costing £1.50. On Friday 8th August the service will commence at exactly 6 PM and 4 PM on Saturday. Those to attend the Sunday service ought to be at the venue before 1 PM because that is when the service will start.

Explore More of the Planned Activities

Pastor Oyakhilome has been in Bible-ministry long enough. When he gathers people for an encounter with the Holy Spirit, he leaves the congregation in amazement. His charisma attracts many people to his ever-growing ministry. During the particular 2017 conference, Oyakhilome will tag along other highly esteemed pastors from Christ Embassy. They will engage themselves in life-transforming teachings like meditation, speaking in tongues, walking in love, the person of Christ and what he means to us, interpreting scriptures, among other impacting lessons. Every sitting culminates with hallelujahs from in-filled brethren as they usher the Holy Spirit into the awesome environment. The time-proven minister of the word is acknowledged by many as one who is inspired by God and anointed to influence the world with the message of hope, happiness and the Holy Spirit.

Understand a Bit of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Most people know pastor Chris for his worldwide ministry, ‘ LoveWorld Incorporated, which is also known as Christ Embassy. Over the years, Chris has proved to be among the most prominent preachers Africa ever had. His conspicuous presence in public service also exposes his charismatic personality quite a lot. In his daily initiatives and public ministry, Chris has healed disabled people, proclaimed sight to the blind, cured infertility, mental conditions, blood diseases, and many other ailments. Chris performs all these miracles in the name of Jesus, hence attracting millions of individual members all … Read More