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Never Forget an Occasion with A Gift Concierge

Never Forget an Occasion with A Gift Concierge

Imagine trying to go on with your daily grind with a nagging feeling that you have forgotten something. Then it hits you while driving home. It is your anniversary and you forgot to buy a gift. If this scenario sounds familiar, we have all been there. The mad rush to find the right gift at the last minute. Luckily, there are concierge services that can help you deal with gift giving without the last-minute hassle.

Remember Important Dates

From holiday celebrations, birthdays to anniversaries, every important date would not be missed. Some gift concierge companies offer a feature that allows customers to sync their calendars with their service. Depending on the arrangement, the customer will be notified ahead of time or several days before the occasion, to buy a gift. With the online technology today, most people keep their own social and business calendars so syncing is easy. The gift giving service notifies the customer online through an email or a messaging platform.

Online Shopping, A Growing Industry

With online shopping becoming a mainstream practice now, personal shopping services have become more popular. Consumers buy half of their goods online in 2016. In comparison, rates were less than half in prior years. This shopping trend was spurred by the increase in the number of smartphone owners who now make online purchases. This trend also supported the increase in personal gift shopping services who can make online purchases on behalf of the customer.

Expanded Gift Giving Service

Aside from the notification service, some business gift services provide additional benefits. Like a typical concierge, the gift services also provide unique suggestions fit for the recipient. Some services will ask the customer to fill out a profile of the recipient. Using the form, the customer can list any favorite activities or hobbies, personal style or design preferences. After this, the concierge creates a list of gift suggestions based on the profile created. Customers can also plan ahead with an expanding gift database provided by the company. They can create a wish list, order in time, and have it delivered before the special occasion.

Rescue From Last Minute Shopping

Holiday shopping season sometimes brings out the procrastinator in many shoppers. In fact, more than 60 percent of holiday shoppers do last minute gift shopping. Gift giving has always been a personal process. But for those with a very busy work and personal schedule, the right online service can help ease this task. Shopping for loved ones, friends, and even co-workers is easier with a personal gift concierge service.

Never forget an occasion by signing up for an online gift service. With the daily rush of deadlines, work, and other family responsibilities, there would be instances when we forget an important date. To avoid the stress, a gift concierge service can send a notification ahead of time, including unique gift suggestions. Gone are the days of rushed shopping and embarrassing moments with your loved ones. From notification, gift selection, to delivery, the concierge provides the … Read More

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Flooring is a vitally important part of any home. Each person needs to have flooring that feels good underfoot. They also need flooring that can withstand many kinds of weather conditions. Many people want to have flooring in their home that is beautiful. A long expanse of elegant wood can help show off a lovely city view and also call attention to other details such as a unique fireplace and fretwork. While many people have ideas about the kind of flooring they want in their home, they aren’t always sure where to begin. There are many types of flooring on the market to pick from. Each type of flooring may work well in a different room. Many homeowners find it helpful to know as much as possible about all of their potential choices.

Wood Flooring

Wood is a popular flooring choice. Wood has many advantages. It is durable, elegant and all natural. It also comes in many colors. Wood is also easy on the feet. It feels warm in the winter and cool during the summer. It also goes well with many kinds of design styles including modern looks, shabby chic, and Victorian decorating plans. Wood can be stained easily, making it possible for the homeowner to change their minds later on if they decide to redo the room. Many people find that wood is also easy to maintain. A few swipes with a duster is often all it takes to keep the wood looking as good as new.

Tiled Floors

Another popular option for those looking for flooring is tile. A dfw flooring store can help people sort out what kinds of tiles are available for them. Tiles are a good choice in the bathroom as they do not get damaged when wet. Tiles also can be cleaned up easily in the event of a spill. When looking at tile, many homeowners are pleased to realize just how many choices they can find. Tiles are available in a vast array of colors. It’s possible to create a design just for the homeowner from tiles. Any homeowner can take an ordinary space and help turn it into a showplace with a personalized tile focal point in a living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Many Choices

Each room should be carefully considered when it comes to flooring. A homeowner will have different flooring needs in the bathroom than in the kitchen, basement or stairs. The homeowner may want to use multiple types of flooring in the home including carpeting, tiles of all types of material and wood flooring. Each type can help serve a purpose in the rooms. Each type of flooring can also make it possible to do things that need to get done such as cooking a meal or tending to a baby. Think about how each room is used during the day and evening. This will help any homeowner decide which kind of specific flooring they need in each room in their home.

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Where to Buy Zippers in Wholesale Online

Where to Buy Zippers in Wholesale Online

It is convenient to shop online. Many people nowadays prefer to shop online. For sewing supplies, you may buy them online at Zipper Shipper. They have the best supplies. They also sell their products at an affordable rate.  If you have your own fashion line, you can get bulk zippers online here. You may order zippers at ZipperShipper.Com  – Wholesale Zippers by the yard. You may then make your custom zippers for the fashion line. In fact, you may also place custom zippers order online. When you specify the exact type of zipper you need, you will get it.

There are many advantages of buying zippers in wholesale from Zipper Shipper. They offer free shipping on any order placed online. You also get a special discount for buying in bulk. There is follow up on the order till the goods are delivered to your premises. They, therefore, offer you excellent customer service. If you are a professional fashion star and you require zippers in bulk then know that zipper shipper is the best supplier. They have been in the business for a long period of time. They, therefore, provide excellent service. They also have a variety of products. Their products are of high quality too.

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Simple and Unique Cafe Design Ideas

Simple and Unique Cafe Design Ideas

Own business would be the dream of every person, especially for those who are bored with the routine office. There are actually several powerful reasons why so many people want to own entrepreneurship. First, most people are tired of the routine of office workers and start switching their own business. Second, looking for a side to meet the needs that sometimes is not enough if only rely on the salary of employees alone. Third, have more time for family and can develop business ideas according to their own will. Well, these three reasons that make people flocked to start making their own business. Especially if you follow the current trend, the business opens a cafe can be your alternative to cope with an entrepreneurial world of great interest by young people. like in unique coffee shop Jakarta

For those of you who want to go directly to the business world, whether in the form of the business cafe, restaurant, or another hangout. Of course must know, how to design a simple cafe that is unique and can attract visitors to come. Because basically, a unique design can make the cafe become viral through the most effective marketing techniques through word of mouth. Especially with the development of social media, of course, you already know a lot about this potential.

So, without having to explain at length again, here are some cafe design ideas that might suit you that will open the cafe:

1. Define a Theme

Modern minimalist, contemporary, mini, classic, vintage and industrial cafes are the most popular and often chosen design theme cafe designs by the Interior. The key, choose one theme that is suitable for the themed cafe. You can lift the simplicity & beauty of the cafe but still modern. Or the warm & cold nuances that coincide in the contemporary concept. Or maybe, the ancient model that tends to the flowers with the main concept to keep it look classic. In fact, you can also provide an eccentric touch with unfinished decoration on industrial concepts. But, do not forget to adjust to the decoration of complement and budget available. mini cafe design

2. Touch of Nature

A room is less than perfect if not combined natural things, such as plants and wood. For cafe decoration, you can put a small flower vase or mini bonsai plants that can turn the cafe atmosphere becomes more natural. In addition, the choice of hanging plants located outside the cafe area will also attract visitors who are enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe. You can also give a touch of wood on the ceiling of the cafe so it seems more lively.

3. Comfortable Sofa

cafe design Everyone wants to enjoy the comfortable moment with the comfortable moment. This is one reason people prefer to linger in the cafe (in addition, free internet connection of course). So the third tip for you who want to make a cafe is to provide a sofa. For the selection of comfortable sofa … Read More

The Luxury of Linen Right at Your Fingertips

The Luxury of Linen Right at Your Fingertips

Luxury is comfort, and there is nothing more sumptuous than the natural and airy feeling of linen against your skin any time of the year. While some fabrics may make you itch or feel sticky or damp in cold or very warm weather, linen will always make you feel just right. Bringing the exquisite quality and elegance of this fabric to the world, one online company has been taking 100% pure flax linen fabric and customizing handmade bedding, clothes, curtains and table coverings since 2012.

Why Linen?

Linen production dates back many thousands of years to Mesopotamia where flax was first domesticated and processed into fabric. The production of linen is a time consuming, labor intensive art that provides a superior performing fabric for many reasons. When elegance is a must, linen always flows beautifully. Even the characteristic crinkles in the fabric add charm to any piece of clothing or home decor. Against your skin, linen feels cool and dry, never damp. This allows your skin to breathe. It’s also much more durable and will provide you with many years of beauty and comfort, making linen a highly cost-effective fabric of choice. As a matter of fact, linen becomes softer as it ages. Also, caring for linen is a snap with machine wash and dry.

With linen’s many desirable qualities, the fabric is once again becoming quite popular around the world. People are aware that cotton feels damp on your skin in the winter, polyester gets hot and uncomfortable, and wool can get scratchy. Linen simply feels great.

Customization for You

This internet boutique is completely customer-centered and fulfilling your order with precision and beauty is their ultimate mission. You have the choice of purchasing premium French linen fabric by the yard for all of your DIY home and clothing projects or perhaps you need something more customized. There are 15 earthy colors and many styles to choose from. You won’t find any stocked merchandise here, as everything is made to order. Here is a list of some of the stylish linen products their artisans will craft for you:

  • Bedding includes bedspreads, duvet covers, fitted and flat sheets, pillow cases and bed skirts.
  • Curtains come in 9 different styles.
  • Clothing includes loungewear for him and her, plus many additional styles for ladies.
  • Table linens are basic or ruffled.

Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for luxury linens is right at your fingertips. Once you see this lovely website and its stunning options, you will be able to select something for everyone on your shopping list. And ordering is made easy. Simply choose your sizes and colors, add your choices to the cart, and use Paypal at checkout. If you have a custom order, just provide the company with all the necessary measurements and color choices, and each item will be artfully crafted by a team of experts according to your specs. If for some reason you are not satisfied, there is a section on the website where you can start the return … Read More