Exploring the Ugly Side of Christmas Trends

Exploring the Ugly Side of Christmas Trends

People have long debated why Christmas is the most popular holiday in the United States. Is it the festive lights? The origin story of Christmas? The gift giving? While there are no definitive answers as to why Christmas reigns supreme in the realm of holidays, there are a few clues scattered about.

The origin story of Christmas is one that brings together the entire history of mankind’s battle against original sin in one epic tale that is strongly supported by historical accounts. It’s not just a myth. The people in this story actually existed and according to the faith of many tells the story of one man being born to save all of humanity. He was a king of humble origins, like many of the people who celebrate Christmas. Adults appreciate this origin story and many have faith that the story is true.

Is it the gifts? Few people would turn down a Christmas tree fully stocked with everything they’ve wanted over the course of the year. It’s a getting something for just being alive story that resonates with kids around the world, too. The gift giving trends of Christmas consume many people for several months before the big day. In this way, it’s a child’s holiday. There are plenty of Christmas cartoons to keep the kids occupied and parents make out lists daily to make sure that the kids get their favorite presents. The Santa story is the children’s part of the story, too, an easy to follow myth of a man who travels the world once a year to make dreams come true.

Businesses benefit from Christmas more than any individual or entity. Businesses don’t just make money at Christmas but they liberally decorate and give everyone a spirit of productivity and good will toward their fellow man, making Christmas one part adult, one part child, and one part business.

And then there are the lesser known trends of the season, the fun little afterthoughts like Ugly Christmas attire. What person doesn’t love to have a wardrobe full of ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to work every day during the holiday season? Some of them just have really horrific patterns that are sure to speak loudly of poor taste in clothing but still give everyone a good laugh in the office. Other sweaters have funny Christmas sayings on them that go over horrible patterns and bring immediate attention to those funny sayings.

All of these things make Christmas the most popular holiday in the United States. Some of it’s very serious – such as a child being born to save all of humanity – and some of it’s just plain childish good fun. And that’s what everyone loves about Christmas. One time a year, everyone gets to be a kid. There are the real kids who are making Christmas memories they’ll remember forever and then there are the kids at heart who show up to work in those festive Christmas sweaters and make everyone’s day just a little brighter than before.


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