Learning The Secrets About Tests

Learning The Secrets About Tests

The Harmful Effects of Radon and Ways to Get Rid of It.

Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States conducts a survey and it has been known that 21,000 of the deaths were due to lung cancer caused by the radon gas. The number of death by radon gas is even greater than those that died due to drunk driving or due to to fire breakouts as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which are National Safety Council Reports and National center for Injury and Prevention Control Reports in the years 2005 and 2006. Due to this given fact, the government in the US wants families to keep their homes safe and healthy at all times by using a radon test kit to test its presence and eliminate with the help of a professional.

Many people have yet to be informed about radon and what it can do. This has no color thus invisible to the nake eye but when this gas is inhaled everyday, it will slowly and silently kill us. Radon has no taste or smell. Underneath soil and rocks is a mineral called Uranium, in which forms the radon when broken down. The possibility of acquiring radon is through drinking as it can go along with water, and breathing as gas. If a smoker lives on a property with radon gas circulating, it will definitely affect the smokers health quicker by acquiring the common disease, lung cancer.

The time to inspect your home for presence of radon gas is right today. There are different methods to know if radon exists on your home or not. There are radon testing kits that comes along with a guide and is a cheaper method to start with. For people planning on purchasing a new home, it is a better idea to have the property checked by a well-known and reliable professional inspector.

There should be an immediate action done once results show that radon concentration in your home is high as it will definitely cause health issues to your family. Radon disperses into the atmosphere from the soil and rocks, and initially will not cause a great effect when combined to nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen.But once it gets trapped like inside our homes, it gets too concentrated thus causing harmful effects to our bodies. Another way to avoid inhaling this gas through a sub-slab depressurization by installing vent pipe that will extract the gas away from the property. Radon is very hard to prevent from leaking back inside the house, that is why this method is not the most effective one.

There were also studies conducted of high levels of radon from properties that have granite. Therefore radon gas can exist just about anywhere and should be a priority for every home owners to have theirs checked by certified radon testing experts. In order to live long, we must secure a home and surrounding that is safe, without the harmful radioactive gas.

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