Never Forget an Occasion with A Gift Concierge

Never Forget an Occasion with A Gift Concierge

Imagine trying to go on with your daily grind with a nagging feeling that you have forgotten something. Then it hits you while driving home. It is your anniversary and you forgot to buy a gift. If this scenario sounds familiar, we have all been there. The mad rush to find the right gift at the last minute. Luckily, there are concierge services that can help you deal with gift giving without the last-minute hassle.

Remember Important Dates

From holiday celebrations, birthdays to anniversaries, every important date would not be missed. Some gift concierge companies offer a feature that allows customers to sync their calendars with their service. Depending on the arrangement, the customer will be notified ahead of time or several days before the occasion, to buy a gift. With the online technology today, most people keep their own social and business calendars so syncing is easy. The gift giving service notifies the customer online through an email or a messaging platform.

Online Shopping, A Growing Industry

With online shopping becoming a mainstream practice now, personal shopping services have become more popular. Consumers buy half of their goods online in 2016. In comparison, rates were less than half in prior years. This shopping trend was spurred by the increase in the number of smartphone owners who now make online purchases. This trend also supported the increase in personal gift shopping services who can make online purchases on behalf of the customer.

Expanded Gift Giving Service

Aside from the notification service, some business gift services provide additional benefits. Like a typical concierge, the gift services also provide unique suggestions fit for the recipient. Some services will ask the customer to fill out a profile of the recipient. Using the form, the customer can list any favorite activities or hobbies, personal style or design preferences. After this, the concierge creates a list of gift suggestions based on the profile created. Customers can also plan ahead with an expanding gift database provided by the company. They can create a wish list, order in time, and have it delivered before the special occasion.

Rescue From Last Minute Shopping

Holiday shopping season sometimes brings out the procrastinator in many shoppers. In fact, more than 60 percent of holiday shoppers do last minute gift shopping. Gift giving has always been a personal process. But for those with a very busy work and personal schedule, the right online service can help ease this task. Shopping for loved ones, friends, and even co-workers is easier with a personal gift concierge service.

Never forget an occasion by signing up for an online gift service. With the daily rush of deadlines, work, and other family responsibilities, there would be instances when we forget an important date. To avoid the stress, a gift concierge service can send a notification ahead of time, including unique gift suggestions. Gone are the days of rushed shopping and embarrassing moments with your loved ones. From notification, gift selection, to delivery, the concierge provides the service.

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