On Dryers: My Thoughts Explained

On Dryers: My Thoughts Explained

What To Look For In A Car Wash Dryer

The right car wash dryer can make all the difference in making your business operations run a little better. The most common types of dryer that makes car washes run smoother are the on board and free standing dryer types. One good thing to consider is that for as long as these on board and free standing dryers are made up of sturdy materials and parts, you are always getting more value for your money.

Tips In Selecting Your Dryer
As mentioned above, the two types of dryer systems that you can never go wrong with are the on board and free standing dryer types.

On board dryers make cars dry faster at the last part of the washing cycle as your car passes under it when it exists the car wash bay. Some clients are able to maximize on the drying capabilities of the on board dryer by driving slower under it as they exit the car wash bay.
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As is apparent in most car wash establishments all over the world, a timer screen indicating how much time a client is allowed to dry his car is put on display.
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Free standing drying systems help save time because they allow for other cars to start the wash cycle as the last client is drying up his vehicle.

When it comes to picking out drying systems, you also need to put into consideration what kind of fan you choose, whether you should go for an axial fan or a centrifugal fan. Between the centrifugal fan and the axial fan, the former is much cheaper since they cost much less to manufacture.

Experts share their opinions about which dryer is better.

They also argue that even though centrifugal fans cost less, axial fan type is more efficient as regards to its design since they are designed like a jet engine.

For centrifugal fans with the same horsepower, they are only able to produce 4,400 cubic feet of air each.

Some experts would recommend a 75 to 90 horsepower centrifugal fan dryer type for a 100 foot car wash tunnel.

If you are looking to save and conserve electricity, then you must choose the axial type dryer systems since they are more energy efficient. Axial fans also turn a lot faster than centrifugal fans, which is why they get the job done faster and conserve more energy. A high quality dryer system is a big but wise investment that can cost you from $7,000 to $25,000, depending on what fan type you pick out.

That is why putting into serious consideration the amount of space you have in your car wash establishment is key. Some manufacturers provide up to five choices when it comes to the size of the space you have for a drying system.

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