Pastor Chris Organizes a 2017 Higher Life Conference in UK

Pastor Chris Organizes a 2017 Higher Life Conference in UK

From 8th-10th September all roads should be heading to the O2 Arena in London for an impactful conference by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris is a renowned faith healer tracing his roots from Nigeria. His ministry has expanded to the level of operating in Canada, US, UK, Nigeria and several other countries. Chris Oyakhilome is also recognized for his writing talent through which he impacts millions of believers across the world. The September event is scheduled to address issues of Christians perceiving that they have a greater calling and a higher life, and at the same time share the good news. The sessions are well-organized with each charging reasonably, reason enough why you should attend.

What Believers Should Expect From the Great Event

The conference will operate more like a church service. You should expect to hear from the Lord through sermons and gospel songs. Opening prayers will be conducted after which people will be ushered into a moment of praise and worship. Plans are made such that globally-recognized artists will crown the event and perform every day. For every true believer, there will be a beautiful moment of impartation of the Holy Spirit. Miracles and healing wonders cannot be left out in such a gathering. The afternoon session will only be one for three days, with each costing £1.50. On Friday 8th August the service will commence at exactly 6 PM and 4 PM on Saturday. Those to attend the Sunday service ought to be at the venue before 1 PM because that is when the service will start.

Explore More of the Planned Activities

Pastor Oyakhilome has been in Bible-ministry long enough. When he gathers people for an encounter with the Holy Spirit, he leaves the congregation in amazement. His charisma attracts many people to his ever-growing ministry. During the particular 2017 conference, Oyakhilome will tag along other highly esteemed pastors from Christ Embassy. They will engage themselves in life-transforming teachings like meditation, speaking in tongues, walking in love, the person of Christ and what he means to us, interpreting scriptures, among other impacting lessons. Every sitting culminates with hallelujahs from in-filled brethren as they usher the Holy Spirit into the awesome environment. The time-proven minister of the word is acknowledged by many as one who is inspired by God and anointed to influence the world with the message of hope, happiness and the Holy Spirit.

Understand a Bit of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Most people know pastor Chris for his worldwide ministry, ‘ LoveWorld Incorporated, which is also known as Christ Embassy. Over the years, Chris has proved to be among the most prominent preachers Africa ever had. His conspicuous presence in public service also exposes his charismatic personality quite a lot. In his daily initiatives and public ministry, Chris has healed disabled people, proclaimed sight to the blind, cured infertility, mental conditions, blood diseases, and many other ailments. Chris performs all these miracles in the name of Jesus, hence attracting millions of individual members all the way through the world.

Chris on a Mission to Spread the Word Globally

To the nations where Chris does not run a ministry, those nations have an opportunity to experience and feel the Lord’s presence on a daily basis through Rhapsody of Realities. Rhapsody of Realities is a devotional released daily in over 900 translations. It is expected to reach people from all backgrounds across the world and encourage them in their daily walk with Christ. Being an assertive minister of God’s word, Chris relies on directives from the Holy Spirit. As such, he minds the wellness of deserving African communities and supports them through InnerCity Mission.

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