Simple and Unique Cafe Design Ideas

Simple and Unique Cafe Design Ideas

Own business would be the dream of every person, especially for those who are bored with the routine office. There are actually several powerful reasons why so many people want to own entrepreneurship. First, most people are tired of the routine of office workers and start switching their own business. Second, looking for a side to meet the needs that sometimes is not enough if only rely on the salary of employees alone. Third, have more time for family and can develop business ideas according to their own will. Well, these three reasons that make people flocked to start making their own business. Especially if you follow the current trend, the business opens a cafe can be your alternative to cope with an entrepreneurial world of great interest by young people. like in unique coffee shop Jakarta

For those of you who want to go directly to the business world, whether in the form of the business cafe, restaurant, or another hangout. Of course must know, how to design a simple cafe that is unique and can attract visitors to come. Because basically, a unique design can make the cafe become viral through the most effective marketing techniques through word of mouth. Especially with the development of social media, of course, you already know a lot about this potential.

So, without having to explain at length again, here are some cafe design ideas that might suit you that will open the cafe:

1. Define a Theme

Modern minimalist, contemporary, mini, classic, vintage and industrial cafes are the most popular and often chosen design theme cafe designs by the Interior. The key, choose one theme that is suitable for the themed cafe. You can lift the simplicity & beauty of the cafe but still modern. Or the warm & cold nuances that coincide in the contemporary concept. Or maybe, the ancient model that tends to the flowers with the main concept to keep it look classic. In fact, you can also provide an eccentric touch with unfinished decoration on industrial concepts. But, do not forget to adjust to the decoration of complement and budget available. mini cafe design

2. Touch of Nature

A room is less than perfect if not combined natural things, such as plants and wood. For cafe decoration, you can put a small flower vase or mini bonsai plants that can turn the cafe atmosphere becomes more natural. In addition, the choice of hanging plants located outside the cafe area will also attract visitors who are enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe. You can also give a touch of wood on the ceiling of the cafe so it seems more lively.

3. Comfortable Sofa

cafe design Everyone wants to enjoy the comfortable moment with the comfortable moment. This is one reason people prefer to linger in the cafe (in addition, free internet connection of course). So the third tip for you who want to make a cafe is to provide a sofa. For the selection of comfortable sofa is also an important detail in decorating the cafe. But still, note that the shape of the sofa also in accordance with the concept you have selected. The price of the sofa is quite expensive and the shape is quite large. Tips for those of you who have a barely mediocre and small budget, you can provide a variety of seating at the cafe visitors. At least provide 2 minimalist sofa that comes with padded pads for the cafe and the rest you can mix with small chairs.

4. Unique Lamps

Lights cafe chairs have a special attraction for your cafe later. In addition to decorative, lights can also be a creative medium. There are many cafes that use the theme of this unique lamp to sweeten the room. Usually, the theme is applied to the cafe concept of industrial and using some variations of lights that can strengthen the theme in the stretcher.

5. Large windows

window model, Outside view cafe is one of the interesting things for visitors, and the scene inside the cafe is one thing that can be the attraction for many visitors. Thus, a transparent window with a large size is mandatory in designing the cafe. Let’s see all the great restaurants on the side of the road, almost as a whole using a window with a large size, right? Of course, this is no longer a concept, but it is a simple way to make your cafe look more attractive and unique. Well, if you are interested to pursue this cafe business and trying to realize your cafe concept, try to consult with experts first. And if you are confused to find service providers and interior renovation cafe the right and trusted, without the hassle of looking again just try FULL Services. We will be present as a friend who recommends and introduces the best renovation partner and interior cafe partner just for you.

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