Top 8 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Top 8 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Nothing is a more splendid font of love and romance than the matrimonial unity of marriage. With romance and passion, the couple in love unites in marriage. Such is the love that your parents have for each other.

8 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Soft, moist, and spongiliciously delectable, a cake is one of the most perfect desserts to treat your parents on the special day of anniversary. Here are 8 special cakes to celebrate the joy of your parent’s anniversary –

  1. Butterscotch cake – With the yellow color of the butterscotch cream exuding out of the exterior, and some delightful bits of succulent red cherry on top, the cheer-filled butterscotch cake is always special.
  2. Red velvet cake – The thick and rich essence of buttermilk oozes out of every layer of this cake. What finer way to manifest the color red on a cake than by a marvelous red colored cake filled with buttermilk in the form of the red velvet cake?
  3. Black forest cake – The infusion of vanilla and chocolate is always delightful. What can be a more delightful combination of the two than a black forest cake garnished with some succulent and relishing red cherry bits on the top?
  4. Coffee cake – Who can resist gorging upon the sweet tasting froth of coffee cream in this cake, as it oozes out from it? Savoring the rich cream-filled aroma of coffee essence this cake is one of the finest culinary pleasures to partake in.
  5. Alphabet cake – Shaped like a letter of the English alphabet, and with dual layers of strawberry and vanilla cream on top of one another, the alphabet cake is a creamilicious delectable for all to savor on this special day.
  6. Pineapple cake – With the most succulent essence of fresh pineapple in the sponginess of a cake, the pineapple cake is one of the finest desserts to cherish and savor on anniversary.
  7. Rainbow cake – With the sprinkle of multi-colored gem flavored bits embedded inside the cake, a rainbow designed cake is one of the finest cakes to see and taste, a true culinary masterpiece to savor on anniversary.
  8. Fruit cake – With multitudes of fresh fruits in this cake, ranging from mango to peach, a cake comprising of all the great cream-filled ingredients of a cake and layered with some of the finest fruits is always special.

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