What Steppers (professional or serious hobbyist) Look for In Dancing Shoes

What Steppers (professional or serious hobbyist) Look for In Dancing Shoes

In the mood for a little soft shoe? Whether your taste fall under ballet, ballroom, salsa, jazz, contemporary or even hip hop, you shoe comfort should be a top priority. Fact is, while you’re on the floor having the time of your life, your feet (and ankles) are working overtime. Because I know you want to avoid dancing unpleasantness like: shin splints, ankle sprains and overall foot pain, choose the best dancing you can find.


The first advice is to buy a pair that actually fit. This is no time to indulge in impulse buying. The number one priority should be comfort. Preferably a pair that offers plenty of flexibility in movement. Since dance shoes have historically been lighter than our everyday shoes, be practical in your shoe choice.

And one often over looked practicality is choosing the right shoe size. As well as making sure you select a shoe with a bacteria lining, as this helps with good hygiene. A close second would be choosing the right type of heel. Yes, I know, you want to look sexy while you’re out there spinning and grinning. But remember, the higher the heel, the more pressure you’re pushing on the balls of your feet. A smaller heel, in this case is just fine. Please don’t where your dance shoes inside the house as house-shoes or outside the dance floor because this will seriously damage them.

A Smorgasbord of On-line Options

If you have an upcoming event soon and you’re known for being the show-stopper in the group, here’s a great option for you. Buy your dance shoes online with Burju Shoes. You can expect comfort, functionality and a sleek design and sure applause from the many. Whether professional hoofer or serious, but active hobbyist, they will keep you covered and looking splendid.

The freedom of movement. Dance shoes . Open toe? Closed toe? So many styles. So little time to wear them all. One way to quiet all the questions you may have is to visit one of the local dance studios. The instructors there will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the proper shoe attire for your individual dance style.

As well as give you solid advice on the proper maintenance and how to store your equipment. While there, you can also inquire about what shoe range prices and such matters. For example, a good instructor would be able to tell you that for ballroom dancing, having a suede sole will make it easier to move, spin and feel the floor.

Dance Shoe Selection Tips
Lastly, if you’re giving maximum effort, your feet are going to sweat. Make sure you store your shoes in a proper ventilated location. Another important thing to remember is since this is your thing, make sure you spend the proper amount of money to make sure you enjoy the experience. In the long run, this will help you enjoy the dance experience all the more.

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