What To Do In Downtown Disneyland

What To Do In Downtown Disneyland

If you’re planning a vacation to Disneyland, you might be overwhelmed by the array of attractions and activities. You only have a limited amount of time, and you want to make sure to get the most out of it. Even if you limit yourself to the downtown area, there are still lots of options. Here are a few recommendations from some Disneyland experts who have spent a lot of time in downtown Disneyland.


If you’re shopping with children in tow, there are several toy stores that provide a fun experience for little ones. Make sure to check out The Lego Store, where children can build to their hearts’ content in the outdoor play area. The can’t-miss shopping spot most often recommended for adults is the Co-op, where you can find all kinds of one-of-a-kind items not available elsewhere in the park.

Pin Trading

A hobby unique to Disneyland, pin trading is all about collecting and trading unique Disney-themed pins. Certain employees wear pins on green or teal-colored lanyards, and they accept all trades that conform to the rules of the park. Since 2008, for example, pins must have a sharp post rather than a clip, and all pins must feature a Disney character, name, icon, or logo.


The bowling alley in downtown Disneyland offers a unique bowling experience for families or adults. The 50,000 square foot space has 30 lanes and billiards tables. It’s also known for excellent upscale food including sushi and filet mignon, great music and dancing, and a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Live Music

You can find almost any kind of live music in downtown Disneyland, from Anaheim Jazz Concerts to Irish folk music to blues to straight up rock and roll. While most of the shows are in restaurants and clubs, you can also hear great music at the outdoor stage. Summer shows are scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday.

These are just a few of the many entertainment options available in the downtown area. With eight themed “lands” on over 85 acres, the possibilities are limitless. A trip to Disneyland is an unforgettable experience, and no two visits are ever the same.

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