Zimbabawe Prepares For The Arrival Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Zimbabawe Prepares For The Arrival Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has built a strong reputation as one of the world’s leading religious leaders because of his role as the head of the Christ Embassy that brings the Word of God as interpreted by the Pastor. Pastor Chris is willing to use all the latest technology to his delivery of religious teachings in a bid to make sure each and every person can have access to his work on a regular basis from anywhere in the world; as a popular writer, Chris Oyakhilome has used his skills to develop a large following on Twitter looking to find inspiration on a daily basis. In other areas, Pastor Chris is looking to make sure all his teachings are widely available with a digital library of audio, messages, and video easily accessed through the Websites of the Pastor and the Christ Embassy.

Acting as an inspiration is something Pastor Chris Oyakhilome feels he can do on a regular basis through his writings that have reached a record number of followers in the form of his “Rhapsody of Realities” daily devotional series that allows the followers of the Pastor to grow closer to the Holy Spirit by beginning every day with a reading that expresses his views of how to live a more Christian life than ever before. The devotional series created by the Pastor has so far reached people in more than 200 nations and is translated into more than 800 languages to ensure the religious leader is a growing force for good across the globe.

One of the areas that has always filled the followers of Pastor Chris with excitement has been the announcement of live events where he has been known to provide communion, preach the Word of God, and perform healing miracles that express the belief of the religious leader in the power of the Holy Spirit. One recently announced event will soon take place in Zimbabwe as final preparations are underway to make sure the people of this small African nation get the chance to experience the work of Chris Oyakhilome in the best way possible; those who used the Christ Embassy Website to register for this live event had already begun arriving at the national stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe a full day before the arrival of the Pastor in the country.

The Worship and Communion Miracle Service in Zimbabwe has been discussed for a number of months after Chris Oyakhilome first mentioned the miracle of Zimbabwe during an earlier live event in South Africa. Based in Nigeria, the Christ Embassy has been working in Zimbabwe for weeks to make sure the best possible viewing options are open to those who have already registered for the event and also for those who had not managed to register for the event before the deadline passed; seven viewing areas have been established in the Harare stadium for those who wish to attend this free event without reserving their spot in the stadium.

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